Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars

                          AI is shaping auto manufacturing and self-driving cars.


                          AI AT THE WHEEL

                          With AI, driving becomes much more than getting from A to B. AI adds a robust layer of safety, acting as an extra set of eyes and ears when a driver’s attention is focused elsewhere. It can take over driving tasks, allowing riders to focus on work or entertainment. It can make travel more efficient, finding optimal routes and easing traffic congestion. Taken together, these benefits can dramatically transform transportation, turning the car from just a vehicle to an entirely new space to live and work.

                          Thanks to advances in deep learning and GPU development, this new era of travel will be possible sooner. Companies are integrating AI into every level of vehicle design, manufacturing and driving.

                          NVIDIA DRIVE? Platform

                          Scalable AI Car Computer for Self-Driving Vehicles

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                          NVIDIA DGX SYSTEMS

                          Accelerating AI implementation and insights

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                          SELF-DRIVING REVOLUTION

                          Explore the latest GPU deep learning innovations for the automotive industry.


                          HOW DRIVE IX HELPS HUMANS STAY FOCUSED

                          Incorporating AI into the vehicle cockpit can add a robust layer of safety, ensuring drivers stay focused, or taking action if they aren’t paying attention.

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                          Whether you're creating innovative products or groundbreaking architecture, NVIDIA professional graphics will improve the performance of your design application.

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