NVIDIA ISAAC Platform for Robotics

                          Accelerating the development of autonomous machines.


                          The Faster, Safer, Smarter Way to Build Robots

                          Robots powered by AI will change the way we work and live. AI makes it possible for robots to perceive and interact with their environments in novel ways, enabling them to take on tasks that were unthinkable--until now.


                          CONNECT WITH ROBOTICS EXPERTS

                          The premier AI conference starts March 17. Register on-line or onsite at GTC


                          CONNECT WITH ROBOTICS EXPERTS

                          The premier AI conference starts March 17. Register on-line or onsite at GTC

                          NVIDIA Isaac—The Platform for Robotics

                          There are endless opportunities for robots to create new efficiencies and improve quality of life through industries such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and service. NVIDIA Isaac accelerates the process with enhanced robotics development, simulation, and deployment.

                          Isaac Software Development Kit (SDK)

                          Isaac SDK

                          The NVIDIA Isaac Software Development Kit (SDK) gives you a comprehensive set of frameworks, tools, APIs, and libraries to accelerate development of robotics algorithms and software.

                          The runtime framework is tightly integrated with Isaac Sim and designed for developing production-quality, AI-enabled solutions optimized for deployment on NVIDIA? Jetson AGX Xavier?.

                          For more information on Isaac SDK, please visit NVIDIA Developer Zone.

                          ISAAC Sim

                          ISAAC Sim

                          Isaac Sim lets developers train and test their robot software using highly realistic virtual simulation environments. Engineering iterations and testing can be done in minutes—tasks that would otherwise take months to perform. And because the system is completely virtual, there’s no risk of damage or injury.

                          Isaac Sim is fully integrated with the Isaac SDK, which enables hardware-in-the-loop testing with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier.

                          For more information on Isaac Sim, please visit NVIDIA Developer Zone.

                          Jetson AGX Xavier

                          Jetson AGX Xavier

                          Jetson AGX Xavier is the world's first computer expressly designed for robotics. With more than nine billion transistors, it delivers 32 deep learning TOPS (trillion operations per second), greater than 10x the energy efficiency and more than 20X the performance of its predecessor Jetson TX2.

                          Robots need to be able to understand the world around them using a wide range of sensors. Jetson AGX Xavier enables this with six high-performance processing units—a 512-core NVIDIA Volta architecture Tensor Core GPU, an eight-core Carmel ARM64 CPU, a dual NVDLA deep learning accelerator, and image, vision, and video processors.

                          NVIDIA ISAAC TRAINING PLATFORM

                          Find out more about this unique solution.


                          The robotics revolution just shifted into high gear. In a move that will accelerate the development and deployment of robotics across a broad range of industries, NVIDIA announced the expansion of its Isaac platform to build robotics applications.

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                          Today's robots can do more than just perform tasks. NVIDIA Jetson uses the power of deep learning to drive an exciting new era of smart embedded robotics—from manufacturing and agriculture to security and home-based healthcare.

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                          Marble Robots uses NVIDIA Jetson to make food deliveries in the urban maze of San Francisco.

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